History of National Quality Award

The National Quality Award (PNC) was established in 1989 with the aim of fostering a culture of excellence that allows Mexican companies and institutions to compete successfully in domestic and international markets.

For nearly 25 years, the NCP has established itself as the most important distinction given the President of the United States Mexican companies and institutions that are national benchmarks for quality and competitiveness.

What is the National Quality Award?

  • The National Quality Award is a powerful tool to develop the skills you require to improve and meet the challenges of the business environment.
  • The National Quality Award (PNC) is the highest distinction for organizations that are national benchmarks for quality and competitiveness, so that their example will inspire on the path to excellence of other Mexican organizations.
  • The PNC is a strategic program of the Economics Ministry, who, through the National Institute, delegated to the Office Entrepreneur Award.

What does it mean to Qualtop be recognized with the PNC?

The Director General said that "quality is the raison d'être of Qualtop, dedicated to the value we bring and we now have the opportunity to be recognized for something we do well and what we do every day." Qualtop, a leading consulting organization for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector o works extensively under the Model Capability Maturity Model® (CMMI) Level 3 strives to guide its customers towards continuous improvement to obtain a high degree of reliability in the service they receive and the ways they are delivered.

Qualtop's participation in the PNC is an opportunity to be better at what organizations can do, fostering teamwork and visualizing the performance of the Company from the perspective of a team of evaluators with practical experience in different fields of management. Weare interested in evaluating a company's behaviour in an objective manner using the strength of an organization of national prestige and through rigorous and transparent processes.

The PNC Awardis the highest honor a Mexican company can receive and that rewards the efforts of all collaborators who help ensure that the organization is a leader in the ICT industry in Mexico.

Why should companies participate?

All organizations that drives and moticates a learning experience should participate in the PNC, analyzing the analyzing the performance of an organization and the staff contributions. In addition it is very important to check whether the established processes help produce the strategic objectives and help identifies the generation of new capabilities highlighting new competitive advantages for greater market penetration and increased value generation to their customers and to the company.

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